Hello everyone!

For the last few months, we've been grinding away behind the scenes on something pretty cool.  We call it…

Scabby Toad

- a whimsically irreverent, complete top-to-bottom reimagining of the Beatles' legendary album Abbey Road, featuring the band wielding traditional instruments for the very first time on “record” - acoustic guitar, upright bass, piano, drums, and hand percussion - which brings a nice warmth and authenticity to the reinterpretation. 

Oh, and look... this isn't some Muzak version of Beatles covers either!  We gave this music the full DQB treatment, uniquely approaching each track from a fresh and improvisational point of view, casting the album in a familiar, yet captivating and jazz-y light… All the while (hopefully!) keeping true to the original spirt of the thing. (I think the Beatles would approve, is all I'm saying)

It's been a labor of love so far, and we're thrilled to share this sneak peek of the project in progress with you!  Please feel free to stream, download, and share these rough tracks for free, but here's the deal...

We need your help to take it to the finish line and truly bring 'Scabby Toad' to life.  Beyond needing funding for the essential mixing and mastering process, it's going to cost a small fortune
to secure the rights to release all of these songs!  

Beatles songs are notoriously expensive to license (who knew?) and there are like a gazillion tunes in that medley on Side B (and yeah.. apparently we have to pay for each one separately)

Scabby Toad

Dirk Quinn Band


Scabby Toad

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We sincerely hope you find this music as much fun to listen to as it was for us to play!

Your contribution will help us deliver a polished masterpiece and bring us a step closer to (legally) releasing this music to the world. Your support and feedback are what will make this project truly shine.  Let's make it a reality! 

Please join us on this wild musical adventure as we dive into the world of a very 'Scabby Toad' and create something truly unique together

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