Dirk's Good Wood

...and the winner of Dirk's Good Wood's 1st ever Cutting Board Giveaway is... *drum roll* 

Sam Antonelli of Phoenixville, PA!! 

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone that participated and donated! That was a lot of fun :) Not sure what's next for this new little venture of mine, but if I do another giveaway I'll be giving everyone that donated to this last one a free entry. I REALLY appreciate it everybody!

Thank you! 

Whatever happens next, I am TAKING ORDERS now for sure! Check out the gallery below to see if there's anything you like - I'd be more than happy to make something for you! :)

Here are some pics of a piece I'm just finishing up! (It doesn't have a home yet) Should I auction this off, do another giveaway, put it on Etsy??? Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated! 

- Dirk

See something you like?  I'm taking orders! Just email dirksgoodwood@gmail.com and I'll get to work :)

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